(A) <One Up> Recruiting - casual heroic raids (Mon 7pm PST)


We are a family and friends guild looking for more players to round out our raid team. We have older and newer players alike. We started raiding late into Shadowlands and cleared normal fairly quickly. We are now working on heroic and having trouble fielding a full team due to RL conflicts and schedules.

We would like to continue with heroic raiding and be prepared for the next patch to raid consistently. There is interest in running 2 nights a week, but so far scheduling has been our main conflict.

We are a relaxed and chill group looking for more like minded people. If this sounds like a good fit to you, reach out to me (Scherbatsky#1271) or the One Up GM, Illith (alt Earendur).

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We’re still looking! Trying to get enough to field normal every week right now. Let us know if you’re interested.