[A] [Old Blanchy] <Last Batch> 25-Man Raiding Guild| Wed 5:30 to Clear Server (8:30 PM EST)


  • Semi-core Raiding Guild on Old Blanchy Server [A]
  • 25 Man Ulduar Full Clear on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM Server (8:30 PM EST). Attendance is highly encouraged. (14/14)
  • 10 man runs on Thur/Fri 6-9 PM Server (9-12 PM EST), 2 separate groups (alts welcome). Attendance is flexible. (14/14) 3 hard modes down on 10 man.
  • MS>OS w/ 2 soft reserves, 2 item soft cap. MS>OS Roll for 10 man.
  • All flasks, gems, and enchants are provided by guild.

Social Element:

  • Extremely dedicated guild leadership.
  • Fun, helpful, and welcoming environment.
  • Very active Discord w/ regular events & raids occurring outside of progression.

Needs (for ideal raid comp):

  • Enhance Shaman
  • Demo Lock
  • Feral Druid DPS and/or Mage

Contact Info:

  • Discord: #ChronicXL4602
  • Battle Tag: Existential #11255
  • Message any Last Batch member in game and ask if an officer is available.

Reach out to us even if this post is old. There may be a spot available!


my bump sir

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Sounds like fun maybe ill join!!

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Bump. Still need a cpl deeps.

We are now running hard modes in our 10mans and attempting 25m hard modes this week.

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Bump. See original post. It’s edited to reflect our needs. Don’t be shy, we’re a welcoming group!