[A] <Nox Incurro> | 17/17 OS3D | Semi-Hardcore | 2 raid teams | 2 nights per week

| 17/17 OS3D | Semi-Hardcore | 2 raid teams | 2 nights per week | Loot Council

About Us
We formed in 2005 on Staghelm with the simple goal of seeing raid bosses die at our feet. For 18 years we’ve built a lasting community based on simple principles. When people want to work together any issue can be overcome. We stand with and support each other. Intolerance isn’t tolerated. The guild comes before all, we wear the title, we share the burden. We currently run 2 independent 25m raid teams clearing all p1 content in a single night. We are looking for people who are consistent, reliable and want to raid for the whole expansion. This is how we spend our free time, this is date night, this is the bar, this is time away from the kids. Dead raid bosses, attendance, loot council, raid logs, community building and all that fun stuff.

Raid Schedule

  • Raid 1 Atris : Tuesday & Thursday 8pm to 11pm server time
  • Raid 2 Vinlee : Thursday & Sunday: 9pm - 12pm server time

Recruitment Needs
Raid 1:

  • Mage
  • Resto or Boomkin Druid
  • Fury Warrior

Raid 2:

  • Warlock
  • UH or Frost DK
  • Rogue
  • Hunter

We encourage all interested people to contact us even if we aren’t recruiting specifically for your class/spec.
We accept part-time raiders for fill-in/bench roles whom demonstrate the same raider expectations outlined below. Raid availability requirements for bench and part-time positions negotiable.

Raider Expectations

  • Optimized gear & consumables (flask, food, enchants, gems)
  • 90% raid attendance
  • Strive to improve each week, own and learn from mistakes
  • Raid addons – RCLootCouncil, Method Raid Tools (MRT), DBM
  • PvE oriented raiding professions

Loot System
Loot Council with RCLootCouncil addon.

Contact Info/Discord ID
Guild Master/Raid 1 - Atris#2996
Raid 2 - dikvega#4153
Anyone in game can assist you in contacting an officer