[A]<Not Today ISIS> Veteran PVP Guild


Are you a military veteran hungering for blood, but can’t step off the FOB? Do you enjoying owning horde players in PVP?

If so, Not Today ISIS wants you!

We are a PVP/XPoff guild on Stormrage-Alliance by veterans, for veterans. We are currently the top rated and most active 39 Alliance guild in the US. We are looking for military veterans who want to have fun in a competitive environment with other veterans. Come see what our community of like-minded players is like! We are able to fund the creation of new characters, and also provide free consumables for active players. Whisper me here, or in-game for more information. And remember, by joining you help fight terrorism! Not Today ISIS!

Alliance 39 XPoff Community Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/K9PY44RcnD5?region=US&faction=Alliance
Recruitment video TRIGGER WARNING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fCV2gohb8M

(Mandalã) #2

Easily the most affluent and productive group of 39s in the community, would highly recommend them to anyone interested in trying out the bracket!


I am very interested in joining


yeah me too


Very good guild! Much respect for them. Keep doing good work NTI!


Thanks for all the love guys! We have been growing soo much, all thanks to your support! We are now opening up recruitment to anyone who wants to PVP, regardless of level!