[A] <Nostalgia> 12/12N | 11/12 H | Recruiting DPS for Heroic ICC!

Nostalgia | Pagle- NA PvE | Faction: Alliance
53/53 Classic Bosses & 6/6 World Bosses |
T4 Cleared | T5 10/10 in Phase 2 (pre-nerfs) | T6 - 14/14 in week 1.
SWP 6/6 (pre-nerf) | Phase 1 WotLK 15/15 Naxx-25 | OS-25 3D | EoE-25 | Immortal
Ulduar- 10 54/54 | Ulduar -25 54/54 | ToGC 5/5 50/50 | ICC 12/12 | 11/12H

RECRUITING FOR Heroic ICC & Ruby Sanctum!

About us:
Nostalgia is a mature & dedicated Alliance raiding guild on the Pagle - NA PvE Server. We have a casual schedule, but a focused raiding atmosphere. We are built from a core of former top NA raiders that have professional careers and/or family life which prevents a rigorous raiding schedule. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to efficiently clearing and experiencing all the WoW Classic content, and have been doing so since the 2019 launch. We value our free time and this guild is built around skilled execution to complete all of the content. We aim to not waste the time of our raiders and ask you to return the favor. Our goal for Wrath of the Lich King are to clear all relevant content each phase, do hard modes, and heroic-25 raids. We aim to not waste the time of our raiders and ask you to return the favor.

Recruiting for ICC- Needs

Warlock - High
Balance Druids - High

Physical DPS
Hunter - Medium
Feral Druid - High
Unholy DK - Medium

Holy Pally - High

Protection Paladin - Low

We use a modified version of EPGP with the Loot Council option for legendary items… Each raider submits a list of ranked loot using thatsmybis where we track loot distribution.

Raid Schedule:
Friday 9:00pm - 12:00am EST
Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST

If you are interested in learning more about the guild, feel free to check out our discord or message myself. To apply, please visit our website: [nostalgia-guild]

Discord Contact: Topramens#2384, Palademic#8979, Spartvan#0488