[A] <No Loot For You> Recruiting Raiders

< No Loot For You > is recruiting.

Summary: As a guild we focus on end-game Raiding, PvP, Arenas. We are currently recruiting to fill our Raiding Roster for Burning Crusade Classic 25 man raids.

Loot Distribution: Contrary to the name of the guild, yes you do get loot LOL. We keep a simple MainSpec > Offspec rolling system for loot distribution. No fancy DKP systems, no loot councils, no GDKPs, just simple dice rolls.

PvP : We chose to roll on Whitemane for a reason. Stopping horde from going Zug Zug all over the place, ruining their travel experience on boats, zeppelins. Gloating over their corpses after scoring in WSG. These are a few of our favorite things.

Raid Times : Currently the nights we will raid are Wed / Thurs nights at 8:00PM Server Time.

Current Open Raid Slots:
2x - DPS Arms / Fury Warrior
1x - Ret Paladin
2x - Holy Paladin
1x - Resto Druid
1x - Resto Shaman
1x - Elemental / Enhance Shaman

For more info, send a whisper to Dorantis in game, or just drop in our Discord Channel to talk to an officer.

discord dot gg / e9UNXGExyg