[A] No Diggity Recruiting

Now recruiting all players! Stumbled online and into a pug while shaking off spouse aggro? We’re more fun than pugs! seriously. May have core raid spots. Non-elitist friends. Sub 2 hour Naxx clears. LF chill players

tue 10 man Naxx/Maly 7pm ST
thur 10 man OS/Vault 7pm ST

Sat 25 man Naxx 7pm ST
sun 25 man Maly/Vault/OS

I have a demo lock, if you guys have a spot. the only thing i have not done is Sarth and my experience from OG wotlk was all hardmodes so no worries there.

Demo lock here as well, would be interested if I could get on the core roster.

I can Prot pala tank whisper me ingame <3 I will make weekend raids but can’t do 10man because my son has basketball practice those days