[A]< no cap > is Recruiting for Tues/Thurs

no cap is recruiting for its Raid Team for Tuesday/Thursday nights 8:00pm-11:00pm PST

Our Guild is currently located on Darkspear Alliance.
We have no plans to push mythic raids so there would be no need to transfer other than in-game guild chat and trading consumables/crafted gear.

Our guild is relatively new, but our core members have been playing together in Arenas and RBGs since Early Cataclysm. But that also doesn’t mean we aren’t open to teaching new players how to be Veterans.

Our current goal recently has been going around the new zones and reminding Horde players why they should turn War Mode off.
While we are recruiting for our Raid Team, we are also looking for members that wanna push rating on off days and just play the game to have fun!

If these Raid Times work for you and you’re just looking for a place to come kick back and kill bosses to get some purples, we might just have the spot for you… no cap

If you’re interested join our discord.gg/u3TNxyUNhf
for more information!