[A] <Nightfall> Recruiting for BWL

Simply stated - Nightfall is a group of laid-back friends that enjoy raiding together and anything else from running alts, PVPing, or just hanging-out talking smack on Discord. We’re an adult, a**hat-free guild composed of people from all walks of life that like to help eachother. We like to keep it drama-free here - we have no GM. Decisions are made by a small, like-minded group of experienced players with input from the guild, as a whole.

We are currently looking for ROGUES, HUNTERS, and Resto/Boomkin DRUIDS to round-out our raid team as we begin BWL. Others classes will be considered on a case-by-case basis as well. We use Suicide Kings loot system, have MC/Ony on farm and currently raid on the following days:

WED/SUN - 6 ST (invites @ 5:30) Usually Ony when up, shorter raids

FRI - 6-9 ST (invites @ 5:30) Main content night

Contact any of the following officers anytime for more details:



Nightfall is a great guild to hang with. We do all kinds of things together including our recent event which included best in costume contest, scavenger hunt, death-roll tournament and scavenger hunt. Fun was had by all that attended and people received gold and prizes. We help each other with quests and getting attuned for MC. Onyxia and next up BWL. If you are looking for a fun, easy-going atmosphere, then Nightfall is for you!

Mix of casual family guild and raiding, with a leadership style I have never been a part of before. Join us and make up your own mind you won’t be disappointed.

Still looking for hunters and rogues to help balance out our raid team. Boomkins too! But if you are just looking for a great atmosphere give us a shout!