[A] <Nightfall> Looking for Members

Are you looking for a light hearted, yet sometimes sarcastic, friendship driven community? Then look no further. Nightfall is a newly-formed alliance guild, led by former Vanilla guild leaders and raid leaders. Our leadership is made up of like minded officers, we have no one Guild Master. We are currently looking for more members who like to do everything from leveling, questing, dungeoning, PvPing to raiding.

We currently have MC 9/10 and Onyixia down and we have only been raiding two weeks at the time of this post. We have cleared MC since original posting. If you are looking to find a home that you can do one or all of what we offer. We are currently short on holy priests, druids (come on boomkins and bears!) and rogues but ALL classes will be considered. Currently we are raiding Fridays from 6pm server to 9pm server or longer if needed and Onyxia on reset. The time is subject to change based on the needs of our guild members as a whole. If this sounds like somewhere you would want to be whisper any of the following:






^Bump^ We could use a couple more meat-shields as well :stuck_out_tongue: