[A-Netherwind] <Salus Novus> is recruiting!

Hello Earthfury Alliance!

Our guild on Netherwind is recruiting and more than happy to accept transfers! Our core group has played together for 13 years thru original BC all the way up to Shadowlands on retail with a majority of us raiding in top 50-150 US and also hitting Gladiator. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore guild and cleared all T4 content the first week of release.

Netherwind PVP is a high population East Coast Alliance dominated server with a 65/35 Alliance to Hordie ratio. 3999 Alliance to 2071 Horde parses recorded in July according to Ironforge Pro.

Raid Times:
Tuesday (Kara) and Thursday (25mans) 9PM - 12AM EST w/ invites going out at 8:45PM. When T5 is released we will add on Sunday until it’s fully cleared. Our GM also leads alt runs on Sunday/Monday.

For 25 mans - Transparent Loot Council utilizing spreadsheets to identify where loot is going before it drops - based off attendance, performance, gear/consumable utilization, and guild involvement. All loot decisions can be openly discussed with the rest of the raid members/guild leadership in order to create a positive environment to better serve future raids.

Raider Expectations

  • Great raid attendance
  • A positive and friendly attitude
  • Have consumables/reagents/soul shards/repaired/etc for raid.
  • Have BiS enchants/gems in BiS gear.
  • Stay up to date with class theory-crafting/meta in order to push for constant improvement of the raid.

Current Openings:
Druid: Boomkin
Paladin: Ret
Shaman: Enhance

These needs are for main raid spots. All roles are currently open for additional Karazhan runs/Heroic Spam/Social/PvP roles.

If interested in joining us, please check our Discord to fill out a quick app:
htt ps://discord.gg/7m3xmeGy or make a level 1 on our server and message Fruehty or Fruehtv for any questions. Thank you and hope to see you join us soon!