[A] NERVE - 1/10M - 10/10 H SOD (CE Guild) is Recruiting!


Nerve is a gaming community with an extensive passion for WoW and progression raiding. Over the years, our leadership has led and crafted cutting edge raid teams and we aim to continue that tradition in Shadowlands.

Our goals are simple: to progress at a high level and have fun while doing it. It sounds cliché, but we firmly believe that maintaining a fun, efficient and relaxed atmosphere is imperative to the longevity of any team. For us, it takes time to build a successful raiding team and we don’t believe in cutting corners. We take pride in finding quality players that fit our culture and team of players. As a community, we know how to pace ourselves to avoid burnout and ultimately enjoy the game to its fullest and complete all of the content for raid tiers to come!

We are looking for dedicated, skilled and reliable players that are proactive in looking for ways to maximize their character’s potential, no matter what role they fulfill in the raid.

Emerald Dream - Alliance

SOD Progression
Heroic: 10/10
Mythic: 1/10

CN Progression
Mythic: 10/10M

Raid Times
Tuesday and Thursday - 8:00pm - 11:30pm EST

Optional raids during the weekend to clear heroic/normal.


Currently, we’re looking for:

  • Boomkin
  • Mage
  • sPriest
  • Disc Priest

We will look at all other exceptional players so feel free to reach out especially ranged!

One thing we pride ourselves on is our raid times. We will pull on time and end on time. We never raid past our allotted raid time and we don’t add extra days to kill a progression boss.

  • Our mission is to be as efficient as possible within our allotted time.

  • Experienced leadership.

  • An active community of players with the goal of experiencing all content to its fullest.

  • Progression raiding with strict raid times to ensure efficiency.

  • Fun, drama-free, raid atmosphere and an active multi-gaming community with a wide variety of gamers.


If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Phantix - Phantix#8896 (Discord)

Illuzionz - atlien#1442 (Discord)

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Still searching! Nice prog on Hungering this week!

Mythic Hungering down! Still recruiting!


214 ilvl MM hunter w/ experience and logs here. Interested. Added/ sent a message on Discord.

Recruiting! Raid reset day!

Looking for DPS for Mythic CE!

Looking for solid ranged DPS! Sun Kings should go down this week!

Sun Kings should die tonight! Still recruiting exceptional ranged DPS!

Sun kings went great! Looking for a healer for an immediate fill!

LF a healer for an immediate fill spot!

Daily Bump! still recruiting!

Still recruiting ! Raid reset day!!

Sun Kings down! Recruiting ranged DPS!

Honestly, pretty crazy but we did it! 3 new mythic bosses downed this week! Sun Kings, Inerva and Artificer!

Trial today on our mythic roster!!!

Still recruiting! Come trial today!

Raid reset! Hopefully the vault was nice to you!

Still recruiting for ranged DPS!

Great week of reclear! Council starts soon!

Come join today!! :slight_smile: