[A] N O V A is Recruiting for H-Uldir

N O V A on Kargath is a casual raiding guild. We are group of mature and veteran WoW players who are just having fun playing the game.

We are 5/8 H-Uldir and we raid Fri and Sat 8-11:30 pm EST. We are currently looking for a DK, Mon, Warr, Mage,and BM/MM Hunter.

If you are not interested in raiding - during non raid nights we run mythic +, Islands, Warfronts, level alts, farm old Legion raids, or just make bad jokes in guild chat.

In game contacts:
Just wanted to add, we have some older schoolers in here and are having a great time raiding!

Took some time off, but Legion seemed like too much fun not to play again!
We have warlock cookies! :D
I'd like to join. Please invite. Warrior 888 tank/dps and demon hunter 895 dps. Thanks.
Hi Sam. Let us know what your battletag is, or friend me Mokael#1655
5/9 in H-Tombs. Still recruiting for all roles.
Hey if you're still recruiting I'm a 919 Balance druid. SkinyPhish#1488
We are now 8/9 in H-Tombs

@ SkinnyPhish - sent you a friend request. Let's Chat.
I would be interested in joining if there is still room I tank and do DPS. Feel free to add me to friend list and we can talk more.
Bunco, we are on Alliance side
I'd be interested in joining. I have one of every class at 110 and can use what's needed when it's needed. If you'd like to chat, add me on BNet: Krazen#11987. Thanks!
We are 11/11 N and 8/11 H in Antorus. Currently looking for couple DPS for our raid team.
Bump. Still Recruiting.

Currently have 2 Ranged DPS spots.
Adding to thread as we are now 8/11 H

N O V A is a close knit, relaxed International flavored Alliance casual raiding guild.
Our members are friendly, mature and like to have a laugh (Prudes or profanity filter adepts should be reconsidering...lol ) We like to get together to have fun, enjoy the game but game faces on to complete progression content together and push it seriously for the time we have.

We are currently progressing through H-ANTORUS (8/11). We like to move through the raids at a decent pace and not have to stress the basics ( class knowledge, basics 101 such as consummables and flasks and go AFK when break called for... etc. ) We also push Mythic Keystones as a guild group throughout the week.

Currently seeking COMITTED people to join our core raid team for progression through H-Antorus

We raid Friday & Saturday 20h00 E.S.T. ( server time ) to 23h00 E.S.T.

( Note: Vetting for raiding status is practiced certain addons are mandatory. Discord is also required.)

For further info pls contact Ghanimah, Mokael, Fyroon in game or Battletag I3lueAngeL#1445

Best regards,

-N O V A Team
We are 11/11 H-Antorus now, and we are starting to get ready for BfA. We are always recruiting, so feel free to contact us
Hi, I'm a prot paladin and fire mage looking for a home for BfA.
Are you guys looking for members still?
Good group
We are recruiting for H-Uldir. See main post for details.

No idea how to edit original post, but we are 7/8 now.

We are currently doing progression on Fridays and are looking for some specific classes - WW Monk, UN/F DK, Sub Rogue, Any Mage, Any Hunger, Any lock.

Bump for greatness!