[A] - Myzrael <Limited Liability> Recruiting raiders and casual players | Cleared Mag/Gruuls/Kara

Faction: Alliance | Server: Myzrael- PvE

Are you looking for a guild that does it all? If so, you are in the right place. We raid, run regular/heroic dungeons, and quest together. We are looking for more active players to run with us.

Raid Opportunities

Gruuls & Mag - Tuesdays @ 7pm Weekly

Karazhan - Thursdays @ 7pm Weekly (Full Clear)

  • We have cleared Gruuls, Magtheridon, and Kara.
  • Currently we have 2 solid 10 man teams with another in the making, as well as a 25 man team. Raiding spots are not always guaranteed, but we do have a few openings on occasion.
  • Limited Liability has a need for Enhance Shaman, Hunters, and Mages- but we are accepting all classes.
  • We are seeking players who are interested in helping other players advance, and clear content. All levels and classes welcome.

Would you like more info?

Reach out to @tiranni#1245 in game