[A] <Mythic> 10/10H 9:30pm server time RAID start - Cael, Nagrand, Saurfang LF DPS

Mythic (Alliance) Raiding Guild

Who are we:
A bunch of players who want a bit more than your average player. Each player has their aims and ours are a little higher then most. We are looking to build a guild where everyone is on the same page – Pushing content and maximising our time together by progressing. This is not a place to be carried but a place to prove your worth.

10/10H moving into mythic.

Our aims:

Raid – Working towards Cutting Edge, AOTC isn’t an aim but a stepping stone, we want to Mythic Raid with players who can deliver on the groups goals. Cutting Edge may be far in the future at this time but we work hard to get there.

Mythic Plus – Again our aims are high, currently our group have all got “The Proud” title and are now working towards timing each +15 this season for the mount. Again this isn’t a place to be carried but to put in your all to be part of something.

Raid times:
Weds/Sun/Mon 9:30pm – 12pm Server Time

What are we recruiting?
At this time, accepting trials of all Specs and Sizes. But mainly 1 Tank and Ranged DPS.

Why YOU should join us:
Are you looking to take that next step in content? Are you currently being held back and not getting the progression you desire? Are you ready to step into Mythic but are struggling to be recruited? Do you care about getting the job done in an efficient way? Do you want to grow your knowledge of your class and become a better player? Do you want to be not just another number in a raid group but someone your guild values? These are all things we can do together…

Hit me up Sutherland#21318