(A) Mystic Bond recruiting for BWL

Mystic Bond is recruiting a few exceptional players for our BWL progression team. 2 fury warriors and 1 mage.

We’re primarily focused on progression but we’re also relaxed and put value on enjoying the experience. Our success has a lot to do with great leadership and a fantastic raid leader. You owe it to yourself to check us out.

We currently run (1) 40 man raid team but sometimes need to fill gaps due to RL events. We’d love to have you join us on one of our weekly MC farm raids or BWL to see if our team is a good fit for you and vice versa. We use monolith as well as a private bid system.

Raid times - 6pm server

Wednesday - MC - 2 hour clears
Friday/Sunday BWL - currently 3/8

Whisper one of our council members if interested. We’re looking forward to it!
Oryian, Unthe, Lorin, Flashdance, Burdis, Fluffys, Rych

Onyxia on farm as well. Sorry that was left out. We typically do this in conjunction with MC but it’s subject to change. Either way this happens during one of our scheduled raid nights.

Bump post.