[A] My Thicc Raiders is Recruiting!

My Thicc Raiders (formerly known as Beta Testing) was formed by a few members that came over from a underpopulated server over 9 years ago in search of a larger player base to run content with. Many of the core players of the guild have been playing together since Cata / MoP.

Since the start we have primarily been a progression raiding guild and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. We consider ourselves to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild, since we only raid 2 days a week for a total of 6 hours. Our raid environment is relatively laid-back and enjoy joking around with one another, but when it comes to progression/bosses the environment becomes more serious. Raiding aside we do run M+, occasional PvP, and older content on off nights to spice things up a bit.

With all that said below are our current needs for our progression team but if you are not looking to raid and just want a place to call home we are open to players from all backgrounds. So find us in game! :grinning:

Raid/M+ Schedule:

  • Raids run Weds and Thursday 7-10pm CST
  • My Thicc Mondays: M+ push night, Monday 7pm


  • Tanks: M+ Tanks
  • Healers: All but holy priest
  • MDPS: DK / Havoc
  • RDPS: All
  • We are currently recruiting all the above classes and specs for current and future content. Although those are our current needs, if you have any sort of interest in the team/guild please have a chat with us, we are open to any and all players from any background.


  • All players must know how to play their class to an above proficient level.

  • Have proper Gems, enchants, legendries, and covenant systems for your class and spec.

  • Have knowledge of the bosses in the current tier and be willing to learn, change or adapt to the encounters as needed.

  • Be willing to take constructive criticism

  • -Required addons/voice chat: Discord, DBM or Bigwigs, GTFO, MRT and Weak Auras

  • -Be Reliable! Showing up and playing your part is vital to continued progression. Remember if you do not show up (specifically for Mythic) there are other players on the team that you are letting down. If for whatever reason you cannot make a raid day please give us a heads up as soon as you can.

Contact Us:
Please contact one of the officers or gm in game with any questions or interest about the guild or raid team.

Guild Master:

  • Sulferion/Malaxuria


  • Raid Lead: Ideanna/Parra
  • Recruitment: Soulsworn (SoulSteal93 #1621)
  • Banker: Placid