[A] <Murloc Mayhem> is recruiting

Recruiting for BFA and Shadowlands.

We’re a friendly group of folks from around the world that enjoy playing this game and accomplishing goals together. We have a variety of interests including M+, raiding, PvP, and more. Our overall goal is to foster a friendly environment free of toxicity and elitism where players can learn and grow, while having fun.

We run keys constantly throughout the week, helping our members learn the strategies, gear up, and of course get their weekly chests. We have something called “Mythic Monday” which is the day of the week we dedicate to pushing keys.

We are currently 3/12 Heroic NYA, aiming for AotC. After that we do plan to move on to Mythic, if possible. We are currently in need of DPS for raiding, but we will happily take any spec in order to provide some flexibility to our group.

Our current raid schedule is Tuesday and Wednesday, 5-8pm EST.

If you’re interested or have any questions you can reach me in game or via Battlenet: Kirbear#1929