[A] Moonlit Shadows - Recruiting!

Hello fellow Azerothians!

Moonlit Shadows is a new guild looking to fill its roster with those who like the casual collection of pets, mounts, achievements and more! We are looking to fill our raid roster which is AOTC focused with the plan to possibly dip our toes into mythic in the future. Our goal is to foster a tightknit community of players of all skill levels to experience WoW with like minded individuals, who enjoy getting away from the real world and delving into the depts of Azeroth, and the many adventures it has.

Without sounding too much like an infomercial, let me get into the details of what we as a guild are looking for!

We are recruiting for a Saturday, Sunday Raid team. Our raid times will be from 7pm until 10:30pm EST. Mythic plus days are to be determined later but are planned in the future. Our Raid team is currently recruiting all roles! We will be raiding as soon as there are enough people ready and geared to raid, we will use fated raids to learn how we work as a team.

New players can use this time to learn a particular class, or spec, returning players can use it to refresh their memories and get back into the swing of things, those who have been around it can be a place for you to hang your hat, and get a change of scenery!

We are a Mature guild, with Discord set up and ready to go! We currently are out of cookies and looking for a new Cookie maker, feel free to apply!

If you have questions feel free to add reach out Echo#110453