A message to MILK from BIGPPvP

You will never get “For the Horde” as long as we are on the server. And we are not going anywhere. It simply won’t happen. We see you trying and failing just about every week… But your attempts are futile. You don’t have the numbers or the skill to accomplish it.

What will happen is BIGPPvP will continue to drop your leaders at will. As well as every single member of your guild that we happen to come across in the world. You are put on notice that every member of your guild will be killed and camped on site without exception.

No quarter will be given to you and no quarter will be expected from you. No exceptions.

Happy hunting.

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I kill every member of your guild like whole sale all the time. In fact I dont think I have ever seen a guild name that did not match the guild tag. Honestly your guild is probably the worst at pvp on the server.

Dang thats harsh but fair

Weird flex to post on an alt not even in the guild you’re bragging about. You can also put the guild Big Mad as a target. Id love to see all those humans try to gank me and mine lol