[A] <Mall Walkers> is now recruiting for H Nathria!

Looking for a Raiding Guild? Then “Mall Walkers” might be for you! We are a newly formed guild of experienced raiders looking to progress through H Nathria. Before forming this guild, the founders were 10/10N and 6/10 Heroic. We have gotten multiple previous AOTCs and are also big fans of Mythic+ .We are looking to get AOTC this tier and also get AOTC every tier this expansion.

Raid Times:

Tuesday 7:30-10:30

Sunday 8:30-11:30

We are currently looking to fill out our raid roster (10man-ish) with a healer and DPS. People who can off-heal or off-tank is also appreciated.

Requirements: Non-toxic with a good attitude. Always looking to improved yourself and also coming prepared. Attendance is also important but we understand real life happens.

Reach out to Asterend#1943 (Btag) or comment below if interested.