[A] Maladath - “Heavens Fire” Casual Adult Guild, Recruiting

Heavens Fire is a small guild of older players, professionals, friends, parents that play casually after work. We are friendly and relaxed, everyone is free to play whatever class they love and you are not required to play every day or make Wrath a priority in your life.

All levels and classes are welcome. We do not require people to be online every day, we realize people have jobs, families or play other games as well.

We are a small group of long time friends that have had a guild on retail for over 10 years. We enjoy coming here for the nostalgia :slight_smile:

Message me or Storrme if this sounds like a fit for you.

Korina / Sosha / Tonda


Sounds exactly what I’m looking for :slight_smile:

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Hi there, I am online after work in the evenings :slight_smile: Storrme and I will look for you.