[A] Lunatic Friends LFM, cross guild welcome!

Hello Earthen Ring!

Lunatic Friends has raided as a guild in every tier since the Trial of the Crusader. We’re a family friendly guild with players ranging from their teens to their sixties, with most falling in the late twenties to early thirties. We try to maintain a PG-13ish atmosphere in guild chat as well as in discord. We raid Wednesday and Thursday, 8pm till 11pm server time.

We’re currently 3/9 heroic in BfD. To be raid-ready you’re probably going to need about a 380 ilevel, but if you’re not there yet, we’re willing to work with people who are motivated to get geared.

Also not a dealbreaker is guild membership. We know quitting a guild where you have friends and memories is not something everyone wants to do (especially on a realm like Earthen Ring with so many old-timers who’ve been on the server since its glory days.) So we’re happy to take members who want to raid without leaving their WoW home.

What we do need: Preparation! Watch a video, read a guide, do whatever it is you do to make sure you know what to expect in the raid. We also ask everyone to have consumables ready and gems and enchants taken care of in advance, and we all try to keep up to date on our classes. With azerite traits being tweaked all the time it’s easy to miss something that will hurt your performance!

If you’d like to give us a try you can reply here or message me, Yvandis, or Àz. You can whisper us or use an in-game mail.

Thanks for reading!