[A] <Ludicrous Speed> (Medium core)

Ludicrous Speed Draka/Suramar (Alliance)

Currently looking for Max level Full Time
    Balance druid (Heal off-spec would be a bonus)
    Warrior (DPS)

We are a medium core, progression raiding guild focusing on Normal to Heroic difficulties in current raid content. After completing Heroic, Mythic difficulty may follow if the team and schedule allows.

We schedule 3 raid days and other weekly events. Our event times are 4:45 PM -7:00 PM PST (Server time), raid days are Wednesdays, Thursday and Sundays.
We keep our raids fun and fair but structured and focused. It takes a synergized team to raid so we do try to fill the dedicated raid spots for each day that we raid per our members schedules to make the team successful.

Our guild has been running for over 19 years, big and small, giving much success and experience in gaming, leadership, and raiding. We are a mature adult guild. No drama is tolerated. We have members from east to west coast and beyond.
Each member in Ludicrous Speed is important. We try to hold the values of what guilds used to be and should be now. A Family, Team, community, and in game home. We try to keep the atmosphere of a less stressful and drama free environment and especially for those that like to progressive raid but don't have time for the hard core scene.

We understand that real life happens; however communication, dedication, and no drama are our number one rules. If we don’t know what your needs, wants, issues, or concerns might be, we are not able to help or fix issues.

We do not stand for begging. We help our members the best we can but in good trust and honor. What comes around goes around – thus a pay it forward type of guild. We expect others to do the same to help their fellow teammates out and pitch in for supplies. This helps the team/family grow stronger as a whole and less of a job so we can spend time enjoying the game. We expect members to help themselves too and not be handed everything.

We use discord as our main voice chat. It is required for raids and other events.
If you have any questions or wish to join our team and family please send an in game pst or mail, or request on the Wow in game recruitment panel. You can contact Shakoura_Draka server or you can just /who Ludicrous Speed to pst one of our members to get you in contact with someone to answer your questions.
Currently looking for more for Raid team. Could use pally healer, Balance druid, Warlock, Rogue, Monk, Demon Hunter, and Warrior DPS for raid team. Other Classes will be considered. Any with a tank or heal off-spec is a plus. You can PST or send in-game mail to Shakoura_Draka or Feredir_Draka for inquiries
LFM Full time members for Raid team. All classes considered. (Heal/tank offspec a plus) Wed, Thurs, Sundays, 4:45-7 PST, NO hardcore but progression focused 5/8H. Strict no drama policy. PST/in game mail for inquiries to Feredir_Draka or Shakoura_Draka.