[A] [Lothar] <Conspiracy Theory> 9/10H LF all for Raiding, M+ and more shenanigans! Mostly ages 30+

We’re a group of players ages 30+ who like to maximize our time in-game due to real life commitments. We raid successfully and efficiently, run mythic plus dungeons together - and have a blast doing it. Our diverse roster includes raiders, dungeon runners, alt addicts, returning players, soloists and more.

Our goal is to build a strong guild culture and community atmosphere through social fit and selective recruitment of good people. We expect members to be supportive, courteous, and good citizens. Our active Discord server is full of shenanigans but also lots of helpful and kind people. WoW isn’t our entire lives and we play other games, occasionally hosting social game/movie nights and playing Among Us or Jackbox games some weekends.

Many of us work full-time, have families, or both! Understandably those things keep us busy so we like to be efficient with our time in-game. Most of our players log on after 6pm ET, and some sporadically throughout the day. Many guilds have struggled in the past several months, we can’t say we haven’t but we’re happy to be where we are right now and have a strong core group of guildies, many have been with us for almost a year.

If you think we’d be a good fit for you, contact an officer in game or reach out to myself or our Guild Master via his BattleTag: Horacio#1828 or mine Lena#1459.

New Early 2022 Raid Schedule:
Our raid times and content in early 2022 are as follows and we have adjusted for AOTC push. Please note, attendance is not required on all nights:

  • Wednesday 8-10pm ET (Heroic to achieve AOTC)
  • Thursday 8-10pm ET (Heroic progression to achieve AOTC)
  • Monday 8-10pm ET (Normal or early-mid heroic, more relaxed/casual evening)

In early 2022, we’ll be focusing on our AOTC push with two progression nights on Weds and Thurs. We are currently working on heroic Sylvanas P3 (57.9%).

Class needs: We are recruiting for all classes and specs. Our members can’t attend every raid so if you’re comfortable with and geared for multiple specs, that’s a bonus.

Perks: Food and flasks provided for raids, repairs, well-stocked bank consumables tab.

RaiderIO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/lothar/Conspiracy%20Theory

Connected Realms: Ghostlands, Gnomeregan, Grizzly Hills, Kael’thas, Lothar, Malfurion, Moonrunner, Trollbane.

Not ready to make a change quite yet? We also have an in-game community for guild allies. Sign up here: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/nlxZkaOTnbJ?region=US&faction=Alliance

We are running SoD normal tonight and open to anyone interested in the guild or just looking for good, fun people to raid with. Hit us up at the contacts listed above, first pull 8pm EST.

:stars: Join us on Wednesday for our normal SoD raid! It’s a great way to meet potential guildies. Send one of us a note via our BattleTags listed above.

Are you all still recruiting? My current guild is pretty barren (only one or two others on and it’s very rare to be on same time as them, so I’m usually alone). Just looking for a fun group of people.

I do work full-time and have a family, so I’m usually an evening and weekend player. I tend to lean more towards raiding and dungeons if invited, achievement hunting, and just having fun with others. Used to be hardcore from TBC up until 5.1 of MoP when I took an almost 8yr break, only to come back last year for a coworker who eventually stopped playing shortly later.

Thanks for reading and possible consideration. Your guild sounds like it’s right up my alley with RL > WoW.

Join us this Wednesday at 8pm ET for heroic SoD farm. We’ll be starting at Soulrender.

Send a note to me or our GM via BattleTag if you’d like to join us and meet the team before you take the next step of joining the guild!