A Loot Bug?

Looting mobs sometimes provides 0 loot, this includes regular loot and quest loot, and this can happen 3-4 mobs at a time before you finally start getting anything dropping again. Really been slowing down the item drops from mob quests.

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bump, this bug is the worst

funny thing is, this might not be a bug, I remember this happening with quest items in vanilla, I just don’t remember it happening with random mobs…or at least not so frequently.

having the same issue. only with quest items, you go to loot and come back up immediately and no more shiny stars. no loot either. when i drop quest from tracking it seems to help.

Great to see after 2 days and some server maint, this still hasn’t even been addressed by anyone.

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Mobs having sparkles and providing zero loot was a normal thing in vanilla

Sorry no it wasn’t. This is an auto loot bug that happens with beasts.

If an official Blizzard source comes out and says “working as intended” I would leave it be. But it didn’t work like this in Vanilla and they haven’t said anything on it or addressed it any capacity.

Also, Falastur has a fair point that I didn’t notice that it seems to only be happening on beasts. I started paying attention to that in my most recent play session after reading his comment.

WoW Classic “Not A Bug” List it is intended.


Dunno what you think this topic is about, but the issue we’re discussing is NOT in fact listed in there. The only 2 loot related things there is


The issue we’re discussing is loot being dropped on beasts, who seem to be the only mob type affected by it, at least at the point I’ve reached, going to loot it, and then getting 0 loot from that corpse. This thread has nothing to do with animations or the chest in Blackrock Depths.

Back to the topic at hand, it seems in another thread it’s being speculated the cause of the bug is the auto loot feature.

I can confirm this as a vanilla thing.

Loot does not always drop from things. Beasts mostly

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