(A) Looking for raiding guild

202 Level Mechagnome Brewmaster

I recently returned to WoW with the desire to raid. I originally played a Hunter on Spinebreaker and ran in one of the top guilds in Vanilla and BC before Naxx killed the first guild and the Black Temple killed the reformation. I’m honestly still learning the tank role but I’m 10/10 on Normal and 1/10 Heroic all in PUGS. The biggest thing I’ve learned is the MT and OT have to have a solid chemistry between them. I have been kicked from a couple instances early on for not taking time to learn instance mechanics during the first week of the expansion. I was even kicked from from a Nath raid last week for not spamming taunt while I was the OT on Sludgfist (I honestly thought this was hilarious). Either way I’ve gone 10/10 for the last 3 weeks and am hungry to move on to heroic and later mythic.

I may not always know WTF to do, but if you tell me WTF to do, I follow instructions on WTF to do.

My current availability is Tuesday 5PM PST - Saturday 10PM PST. So I am a bit flexible in finding a guild that has raid times on my days off work.

join tomb raiders :slight_smile:

I think Qeereddurib is trying to get EVERYONE in Tomb Raiders… He responded to mine too with the same message :grinning:. Unfortunatly their raid times don’t work for me… I either have to have mornings or 1800 to 2130 a couple times during the week…

Hi, If your still looking for a guild You Pull It You Tank It is recruiting for their raid team. We are casual, 5/10N SoD as of current. Raid times are Friday/Saturday 7pm to 10pm CST (Server Time)

If you want more info or an invite, my btag is Summerfreeze#1327 or Summerpriest in game. Anyone should be able to invite in guild though :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you if you get this!

*Apparently it posted on my wrong toon… ill make sure to update that :smiley:

Raid times are too late for me, thanks though.