[A] Looking for Raiding Guild

Hey folks! I haven’t raided since back in Cataclysm and I’m looking to get back into it! I play Moonkin mostly now but I can also play really any caster DPS if I take some time and gear alts. I have gotten KSM in SL S1, and cleared first 4 Mythic bosses back in Nyalotha. In Cata I played Druid Tank and prog’d in Heroic BoT/BWD/Firelands and Dragon Soul. I would not mind giving tanking as Guardian a whirl again.

Would love to find a guild that consistently full clears Heroic and attempts some Mythic prog on the first 1-4 bosses of a tier.

I am located on the East Coast, I can consistently raid Monday - Friday 6pm - 11pm EST.

Just a heads up, I am full PvP geared currently but I am going to start working on a set of PvE gear and knocking out some M+. I wouldn’t mind finding a group to run M+ with as well, I’d love to get a 2nd KSM under my belt.

mdwog#1320 on btag if you’d like to chat!

Hi, added you.

Th f so much ảmory