[A] Looking for old friends (Galakrond)

Hello players of Blackhand-Galakrond!

I made this character on Galakrond around 2011. I had played wow a long time before that but I was very young and didn’t really talk to other players until I came to the server. I made a lot of friends and they really taught me how to play WoW. I look back on these memories very fondly.
To keep a long story short to my knowledge all of my friends quit logging on to the characters I knew them on around MoP release. I made a lot of new friends and became a proper wow player after that. I left the server around 2016. I really just want to check in on my old friends and see how they’re doing.
I remember meeting them in the guild Thor’s Guild of War (at the time it was really big) then we moved to the guild The Azeroth Crusaders (I think that’s the name) I was also in Magnificent Seventy later.
The friends I remember are, Morada, Clander, and Maij. When I look them up on the armory it is clear they haven’t played in a very long time, but I figured I’d shoot my shot and see if they have new characters that they’ve been playing on. I just want to let them know I still think of them often and I hope they’re doing well.
This character (Dipseydoo) is the one they would know.