(A) Looking for guild of “like minded”

I like to start this post saying that I am looking for a home to kick back and enjoy wow.
I don’t know how long it’s been since I logged in wow and did absolutely nothing other than chat with the guild

I’m a mid 30’s mail man in the city of Pittsburgh. My cousin invited me to this server and he didn’t even get SL. I transferred all my toons and lvl boosted a pally. My 1st time playing wow was after my friend picked me up from jail when I got a DUI back in 2007. I’ve always played but usually with a year gap or so in the last 4yrs. I play multiple toons but currently rolling and applying with a ret pally and a lock

I would prefer for my new home to be old. A guild that has people who liked staying there for such a long time. Also a diverse roster. Diverse not only in ethnicities but personalities. I like to hear variations of all forms of profanity. Currently my toons are all trash. But I’m not looking for a free ride by joining. But I am in desperate need of guidance and motivation.
Lastly my new guild has to be active. I log in everyday. I really want to get back into raiding and running dungeons but it’s all meaningless if not for a guild.

Name: Enkido

Hi Enkido, you may a good fit with us.

[Queue guild advertisement]

A] Lord’s of Hegemony - Daggerspine

LoH is an og vanilla wow guild and we have returned for Shadowlands! If you are looking for a fun and laid back group of folks to play WoW with, you may be a good fit.

After a few months of unstructured shenanigans, we are now ramping up to return to raiding. We are just getting going again but have years of experience and accomplished vets to rely on.

We’ll be raiding two nights a week, (Weeknights, specific days TBD) from 9PM-12 EST

I guess that may be considered late night…

We are recruiting for our core team:

  • Healers
  • Melee DPS
  • Ranged DPS

We’re an older bunch (30+ through retirement) with other life commitments so we are just here to have fun. We won’t be pushing mythic raids but on off nights you’ll find us working together on just about anything. Mythic +, Tor’ghast, transmog runs through old content, you name it.

That said, if this sounds like a good fit for you please reach out! We welcome all skill levels, whether you have never raided with a guild, are returning after a hiatus like us, or are just looking for a chill group of folks to play with. We believe in learning together and helping others, it’s just a game after all.

To inquire further you can reach out to me, Divinitas, Lollypop, Drdoyaw, or Shamwich