A Little Story

This is not intended to be directed at any one individual or group. And is simply an interesting (true) story (or something like that).

One evening last patch, a group was assembled for a little raid. All went really well with everyone doing well until getting to Orgozoa. On that boss, after a few tries the group seemed to get everything down, and the next try was it. But then, when downstairs, a certain interrupt was hit early and it caused outrage because it caused a wipe. At least some in the group were really mad, and wanted the member who did the interrupt removed. “Obviously,” you would take it, “the member was a liability.” The raid leader would not remove him though and even stood up for him. After all, the group was doing well. But as a result, the raid broke up, and everyone went off on their (not so?) merry way.

Just a little story. But the frustration on the part of the leader was monumental (eh, maybe not).

So what’s the point of this post? What’s the moral of the story?

Who knows? As in the title, just a little story.