[A] <LITERALLY SHAKlNG> Fri 9:45-12:45 ST / Sat 9:45-12:45 ST Midcore (14/14 [9/9])

is looking for like-minded individuals who are interested in raiding and clearing content on a consistent basis. We have ONE core 25-man raid team.

Understand that the 25-man raid team may not have a spot for everyone based on what the raid composition and raid needs are, however, we welcome Casual / Social members who may participate if a raid spot opens up that night, depending on raid composition and need.

Currently looking for…
● :Paladin: Holy Paladin
● :DeathKnight: Frost/Unholy DK

Exceptional players are always encouraged to apply!!!

Discord: WuZTsYdMS9

Raid times are 9:45PM - 12:45 PM ST for clarification.

This is a remarkable guild full of extraordinary individuals.