[A] <Limit Break> Midcore AotC Raid Guild Seeking Tank!

Are you tired of drama, high expectations with no rewards, or just looking for a place where you can be you? Well <Limit Break> could be for you!

We are an all-inclusive, PvE-focused guild with a deep love of raiding and Mythic+. With an active Discord and a small but loyal community, we have built a place where all can feel welcome. From the total newb to the ex-hardcore Mythic raider, our community covers it all.

Our raid group has successfully cleared AotC on all raids since our inception. In addition, since BFA launched we have done Glory of the Raider Achievements for each raid while it was relevant.

We are seeking the following classes to join us for raiding:

  • Tank (any spec)
  • LIMITED DPS spots available.

Our raid group currently raids Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00pm to 9:00pm PDT. No raid experience is needed to join, just a good attitude and ability to accept playfully lewd jokes.

Not looking to raid? No Problem!

Our community strives to do weekly fun events and are welcoming of non-raid members and still include them whenever possible. Also, many of our members talk on Discord and enjoy playing other games together when WoW has grown rather stale.

If any of this sounds interesting hit me up on Battle .net at Aya#11373. I hope to hear from you soon!

We have reopened raid recruitment, let us know if you need a guild.

I’m from another server, can transfer, and wondering if you accept a muted player. I will not be able to raid for the next 3 weeks but should be able to afterwards.

Bump, updated what we are seeking for raids.