[A] <Life Grip> 2/10M LF Heals

Life Grip is a mythic progression focused guild; raid nights are Tues/Thurs 6:30 - 9:00 pm ST. We provide guild repairs and consumables for raid progression.

Looking for a holy paladin or holy/disc priest to add to our heal team. Experienced healers of any class will be considered.

Very active Discord server, rated PvP nights, M+ keys, raid fun run nights, and vibrant pet battle community.

Whisper one of our recruitment officers in-game/Battle.net:

Sanscrit (Sanscrit#11476)
Tyedye (Tyrillious#1841)
Dappér (Dapperfi#1160)

Just got Eye of the Jailer on heroic down, 2/10H in SoD!

Yay us, Nine and Remnant down! 4/10H

Soulrender down this evening, go team Life Grip!

Despite our lack of intellect, we got Fatescribe down! 8/10H

Call me, mages!

Whoa, it’s been a month since I last updated!

I refreshed for our current needs ( a healer!!) and current progression. We’ve got good pulls in on Sylvanas for AotC and have also pushed into mythic.

We are continuing progression each week and would love to bring an experienced healer on board to round out our comp!

We poked that Eye out tonight! 2/10M

Still looking for an experienced healer to join our team.