[A] LFM in 8.3 for Heroic Raiding

Hi, we are Eternal Embers a group of 5 people looking for members for a Heroic mode raid group whos goal is to experience the content. We are a older group and been playing together for the last decade together. We are aiming for a solid 10 (13+) raid size group that work on killing the content together. We would be a semi-casual group with a goal to get AOTC on a timely manner. A lot of us are experience raiders from various backgrounds and WoW. Few that are coming back to WoW and some that still continue to play during the Eternal Palace. Many of us are flexible with our roles and we are currently looking for all roles; classes do not matter.

We run a lot of M+ together as well

This group is really about getting the right minded people together to do the raids together. A semi-serious group that like to be fun and competitive with each other, but we are not going to yelling at people for playing poorly. We want all people whether you’re someone already established and know your stuff plus want to have a fun time and that gets things done still or someone that doesn’t have the experience wants to learn and we can help teach them the way. People that are hunger to kill bosses and have fun :)))))

  • DPS
    Faction - Alliance
    Server - Sargeras (Not required to be in the guild for raiding)
    FRI / SAT 2 hours and 30 mins Days
    9pm CST (Realm) to 11:30pm CST (Realm)
    add me at Zefyren#1905 or Zef#7586 on Discord for more info
    (Discord is better, since i’m available anytime)