<A> LFM Healers and DPS HEROIC AOTC 7/8

<< Avoidable Damage >>

Hello Mates! we are looking for healers and dps to finish the final push for AOTC we are currently 7/8 H.

what we looking for:

  • 2 healers spot open, a Priest would be ideal but any heal is welcome! (no need to have off dps for this, we look more into specialized heals)

  • 4 dps slots open, ideally a monk and a mage would be more than welcome but any dps is welcome right now, also if you are not experienced raiding feel free to trial out :slight_smile:

Sunday 8:00 pm -11:00 pm EASTERN
Monday 8:00 pm -11:00 pm EASTERN


  • 400+ item level.

  • Be on time to raid, if you cant be online send a message in discord group or to an officer.

  • Bring potions, food, phials, runes, and w.e you need while the guild can provide every now and then there will be times we don’t have what your character needs.

  • Enchants and gems are specially useful please make sure you bring the best you cant afford you can ask the officers about your best in slot enchants or help if you have questions about these.

  • Have a Good Idea of the fight Itself BEFORE the raid night, watch a video or read a guide, if you require help to which sources to come to do some some light research ask an Officer and we will gladly help with what we can even explaining the fight.

  • What we can offer:

  • Solid Raid slot once trial its completed.

  • “Retry” if your trial seems to be lacking in certian area (mechanics/IL/average damage/heal per fight)

  • Keystone Group, take this with a grain of salt as there is a limit of how many people you can bring to a dungeon and how many people play tank as main or OS for MID-HIGH keys so this is a work in progress but the ideal is keep everyone arround 2000 rating and help when we can to do 16s so everyone can consistently craft 418 BIS gear.

  • We have warlock cookies :smiley:

Battle tag: Liffuvir#1785
Discord Tag: Liffuvir#8885

Interested in speaking with you, friend request sent