[A] LFGuild Druid - Prefer not to pay for Server xfer

I can play any spec except for boomkin. (I tried that for like 3 minutes once upon a time and instantly said f this.) Currently speced and geared guardian but most of my WOW, BC, WOTLK, raiding was resto. I have not played since then and came back for BFA because, I dont know.

I am a quick learn and can easily become a reliable add to a group. If I dont know how to do something I am verbal about it and I take constructive criticism very well. I am not looking for hard core minded people but I do take progression seriously. I would define my desires as Casually Hardcore. (“Casually” You have a family engagement? Have fun and take care, tell the family I said HI./ “Hardcore” Why in f******* God’s name do you not have a f****** potion!? Raid time starts at 6 means first pull is at 6)

I unfortunately come with quirks. I am currently living in the UK so I am looking for a guild that has earlier morning time raids. Either for an A team or a B team (alts etc) it does not bother me. I am mainly looking for a community to call home and not play this game in silence in my house. My family does not currently live with me so barring work related activities I can generally make planned events. However, when my family visits they will do so for 1-2 months at a time 3-4 times a year. During these periods I will not be reliable. I am 34 and after 2 decades of gaming my priorities have shifted (rightly so) and my intent is to spend as much time as I can when they are here.

Tailoring Expectations to Reality
I am really at the end of the day just looking for people to play with. If I cannot meet your raids times but my personality would benefit your guild and having someone along who will join group activities is a benefit for your guild, then I would still appreciate a response. I do not have to raid, but I would like for you to have some people that push some mythics. I do enjoy the challenge and that will keep me in the game.