[A] LFG - AOTC and into Mythic Raiding. Ultimate FFXIV raider looking for WoW home

IGN- Hravach
Class- Shaman (Main resto, off spec ele)

Long time WoW player but first time looking for a serious group to prog/game with.

I have been raiding in FFXIV for the last 9 years or so and have a wealth of experience I am ready to apply to a new challenge.

I am willing to fill any role/class needed in the group. For me it’s more about a good culture and aligned goals than the specific job I am playing.

Preferences for time are Mon, Tues, Thursday nights (can also make Fri and Sun happen) AEST.

Really looking for a place to call home and settle into WoW. Currently sitting on ilvl 395 and 5/8 Heroic.

Hit me up on Disco if you have any questions Disco tag: hupo#8805

Hey mate, I’ve added you on Discord so we can have a chat. If you don’t want to add me, you can change your privacy settings on discord to accept messages from all.

[H] Barthilas <Salsa Verde> 2/8M LF heal and DPS <3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: