<A> LF social/casual fun & friendly guild

Searching for a new server. Someone recommended ER to me. I am not a RPer. I do not mind being around it at all.
I am a casual social player I DO NOT raid. I have no time anymore.
Just looking for a social/casual guild with some fun & friendly people .

Any information would be great. I will be moving a high level toon over but rolling a few as well. I DO NOT have a main. I like all classes. I have an ALT problem . lol


I’ve seen quite a few people from The Returners around, Alliance-side. It looks like they raid, but from what I know it is still open to non-raiders. Not sure about the alt policy. Azrimm is the GM. Best of luck and welcome to ER :slight_smile:

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Thank you I will look into them! Appreciate the information :smiley: