(A) LF Shadow Priest/Mage/Demon Hunter to join our Normal/Heroic Raid Team

Respec is a small Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild based out of Blade’s Edge. We’re also a multi-server Raiding Community currently progressing weekly through Normal Castle Nathria (currently 4/10) with the intention of clearing Heroic “Ahead of the Curve”. Our members are all long-time players and raiders that value enjoying progression over the BS that usually comes with “progression raiding”.

We’re looking for 2-3 more DPS focused players to join our team. Ideally, we are interested in a Demon Hunter, Mage and Shadow Priest, but solid, like-minded players would absolutely be considered.

  • Raid Time (by timezone): 9-12 PM EST / 8-11 PM CST / 7-10 PM MST / 6-9 PM PST
  • Raid Days: 1-2 nights a week, depending on player availability, though we do tend to favor Fridays and Sundays. Raid days are solidified prior to reset day for the next week.
  • Raider Atmosphere: Laid-back, nerdy, LGBTQ+ Friendly, Couple Friendly, Pro-teamwork, Serious about progression raiding, Anti-Elitism, Prefer smaller raid sizes
  • Expectations: Respectful attitude towards other raiders, Play class well, Show up when expected, Communicate as needed

NOTE: We are NOT expecting a server transfer or joining our guild! We are already using cross-realm players through our in-game community! We just want to play with good people!

If interested, please contact me via Real ID @ ChaosWhite#1873 -or- in-game on this character. We’re starting a fresh run of Castle Nathria (N) next week!

Still running every week (except week of Christmas) and looking for more! Currently 8/10 N, while running a small, laid-back group with a casual mindset to progression where everyone does their part and keeps it fun.

PST if interested! Still in need of a couple more DPS!