[A] LF Raiding + M+ Guild with PST raiding times

Rogue or Hunter looking for a raiding and mythic plus guild that raids after 7 pm PST. Focusing on AOTC and chill. Mythic raid its a bonus.

I am bfa CE experienced and multiple AOTC and KSM. I toook a break from the game and returned prepping for DF but playing Season 4 atm.

If your guild/raid group do content after 7 pm PST during the weekdays send me a tell with the info by replying to this post or contact me on bnet

Bnet: Hyperchucks#1963
Discord: Hyperchucks#7325

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If you haven’t found a guild yet, please contact me in game so we can chat.

Radiant Dark is a Heroic / AoTC raiding guild. We raid 8:30pm to 11:00pm PST on Tues. and Thurs. We don’t raid Mythic. We also don’t organize formal M+, but we have several people that love to run M+ and everyone in the guild is welcomed and encourage to organize with your guildies.

You can check our current and past progress on https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/windrunner/Radiant+Dark

You can contact me in game on Cyntaria or through my Bnet: Cyn#1738

Hey Cyntaria, I just transferred to Windrunner from Dalaran due to my ping being high on an eastcoast server. I am looking for a guild to do mythics and raids with, can I join your guild?