[A] LF Mythic+ focused guild

Hello all!

Do any alliance guilds on Lightbringer have a very active M+ community? Running them all week, not just monday before reset for the vault? Currently looking for the 12-15 range to get back into it after a break, but I would like to just run keys.

Alternatively, is there an active in-game channel on Lightbringer for this? Shall we revive Endgame for M+?

I just want people to play the game with. Let me know if you’ve found any M+ communities on lightbringer!

Hi Rosencrantz, this Zen the M+ Officer for Full Blast on Lightbringer. We have a lot of M+ runs going on throughout the afternoon and evening times. My bnet is Zunaki#1665 if you’d like to talk more about it or even join us.