[A] LF Heals & RDPS; Gundrak; Fri/Sat; 8-10:30pm svt (GMT +11:00); Uldir 7/8H

Who are we?
Immortal Ascension is a small guild with interests in soft-core raiding, personal and guild achievement. We place our members above our raiding progression. We do like to progress through end-game content - we just like to achieve that together.

We’ve been around six years and have an excellent reputation on our realm for being fair, considerate, helpful and friendly. We welcome all mature players with or without families to join us in building and strengthening a safe, fun, active and helpful guild community. We do not excuse poor behaviour and expect both written and verbal expression to be PG13, due to the young children who either play their own toon or watch their parents as they play. We are social and keep an active guild roster.

We are, in principle, a soft-core raiding guild, that do work at being focused on the task of mastering the raid content. Raiding on Fri/Sat 8 pm Sydney Australia (SVT) (inclusive of Daylight-Savings Time - when applicable).

Want to find a new guild home?
We welcome all mature-minded players, with or without experience in the game, as we have a load of experienced players who can guide and assist you in mastering this game. If you’re an avid collector, an achievement hunter, a PVE explorer, a legacy or current raider, or even PVPer, you can find someone to enjoy playing the game with or just to congratulate you on each individual achievement!

Want to raid?
We are recruiting and looking for a HEALER (prefer a Monk or a Paladin) and two RANGED DPS (Hunter and a Mage)

What do you need to be considered?
You need to be able to join our Guild’s activities, either on Gundrak or Jubei’Thos, or cross-realm. To raid with us, you need to be experienced, reliable & mature-minded, with a minimum iLvl 370 and a Heart AP30. We are looking for those who are keen to see the end content without any drama; we do not tolerate drama-queens. We ask that raiders achieve a minimum standard of raid-readiness.

What do you need to do?
So, if you are: aware that Real Life does exist, not too impatient, can cope with a laugh and who want to find a mature-minded group that will help you achieve your in-game goals, and interested … then maybe you should chat to the Guild Master (Faythe-Gundrak), Deputy Guild Master (Emrald-Gundrak), or Deputy Raid Leader (Anen-Jubei’Thos) or any Immortal ranked member in the game!

See our Guild Website’s Raiding Progression webpage for more information; just google immortal ascension and look for our website.


Morning! I’m not a healer, or a dps, I’m not max level yet either but I’m pretty.

I’ll try and contact you tonight if you’re on -I’d like to join if you have space!