[A] LF Guild

Husband and wife in their mid 20s looking for a guild to learn mythic and raid progression. Husband is still new to WoW (I finally got him to take the plunge) but I’ve been playing on and off since BC. Raided as a MW monk in MoP but currently playing Proc Pally. Husband is getting really good with his Hunter rotation.

Please discord message Art3missed#6701 or blizzard message Art3mis#11192 if you have opening in your guild!

Hi Arti! If open to Horde, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hi Arti!
We’d love to have you at Big Fun. It’s a social guild that does heroic raiding twice a week 8pm - 10pm EST and occasionally weekends. Other nights, we mostly do mythic dungeons and other content. We are heroic (9/10) and tend to do keys in the 10 - 15 range, but most of us have other characters that we run in for the 2 - 10 mythic keys. We have a good mix of people, chill yet interested in end game content, and our guild was founded by a married couple <3 We also sometimes do drinking game night PvPs, have a baby shower in game, or do fun runs that aren’t as serious. If you’re interested, add me on Discord and I can talk to you more! Or add me on Bnet and let’s chat there. Cheers!

Discord - Vinde#4113
Bnet - ana#1824