[A] LF Active Guilds

(Aelyssa) #1
Are there any active (20+ active members at least) guild on Icecrown?

New(ish) player looking for active guild

(Kitteh) #2

(Aelyssa) #3
09/19/2018 06:23 AMPosted by Kitteh

Yeah, kind of seems I have my answer, huh?

(Pallhy) #4
please check us out - Veni VIdi Vici - we're open to all.

Dax#1286 on bnet for further info
or via discord here https://discord.gg/9CjtaK7

(Merlins) #5
Check us out

Blades of Wrath, need a few more

Old school guild, just raiding casual 2 days a week

Hammer#1432 for more info