[A] LF a roleplaying guild

I’ve recently fallen out of love with raiding and decided it might be time to seek out a dedicated roleplaying guild after a few years of nothin’. So, here goes!

I’m in need of a good home for this character, Hu’lon, who some might know as a peculiar looking gal. She’s a pandaren monk who is currently training to become a medic, although currently her skills lie mostly with punching things. She’s a goofy, light-hearted character but isn’t without her serious moments.

She’d fit well in most guilds, with a preference for exploration or neutral-aligned themes. The only hard no’s are military, late evening, and lore-strict guilds. A little flexibility with the lore is a must!


Oh, thats intriguing… sounds like your character is more than immediately meets the eye?

Anyway yeah it seems like most the rp guilds I run into these days are heavily military/war themed, which is great if your character is the type who would fit in with the military but not so great otherwise.

I’d encourage you to check out Stormwind University, who are all about research and exploration, magical and otherwise. They take all sorts of scholars from all cultures and they’d probably appreciate the perspective of a pandaren medic.

Since you’re interested in neutral organizations then you might also be a good fit for the brightmoon fair:

I think they have a guild on hordeside and alliance side and they organize these big festival events! Theyre super fun!

And then there’s some more anti-establishment, criminal guilds out there like
the prophecy of knives (not sure if your character is interested in cloak and dagger stuff, but at least its not Yet-Another-Military-Guild!)

And theres also lots of pandaren themed guilds that are more interested in living our best pandaren life rather than weighing in on the faction war.
Personally I don’t feel the need to actually join them because they’re always welcoming at their neutral events and festivals even to those who aren’t in their guild!


She’s exactly what meets the eye, in fact! I tend to play pretty grounded characters, but their visual designs can get a little wild, so I ask for a more loose following of the lore so someone doesn’t turn my character down for lookin’ a bit odd.

I’ve heard good things about the Brightmoon Fair and Stormwind University. I’m hoping some more people chime in with their guilds/recommendations before I settle on one!

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Picks and Pints is a medium RP guild focused on adventuring and hunting for treasure! It’s an Alliance aligned group meaning we’re not out for blood against the Horde but we aren’t breaking bread with them either. We even have some Hozen NPCs at the moment helping out during one of our campaigns.

We’re a pretty chill group, Halflan recently described PnP as a place to just feel relax and have fun. We’re not the kinda group to gets all bent outta shape over lore or whatever, we even have a High Elf druid, a Lightforged shadowpriest and a Void Elf holy priest (or disc idk) which would probably cause some folks to go bonkers over.

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