(A) <Leverage> WED/THURS 9:00 - 12:00 server time. PST Recruiting

Leverage [A] US-Whitemane is looking to recruit experienced players to add to our roster for TBCC raiding and presumably Classic WOTLK.

We are a group of low drama adults with leadership that has extensive experience in high level raiding throughout WOW’s lifespan. We created the guild to provide an option for people who want to raid, dungeon, or PvP after they have put their kids to bed, eaten dinner with the family, or just like staying up a bit later.

Our goal is to maximize the time we carve out to raid to be as successful as possible. We are by no means “hardcore”, but we take the few hours a week we dedicate to this game seriously.

You do not need to be a raider to join, we welcome social players, PvPers, and dungeon heroes.

Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am PST
Please feel free to create guild events outside of those times: PvP premade groups, dungeon runs, rep grinding, horde culling, etc.
We currently field 3 Kara groups and a 25man raid.

All exceptional and friendly players are welcome to apply, our current priorities are as follows:
• Druid: Medium Boomkin, Low Feral & Resto
• Hunter: Medium
• Mage: Low
• Paladin: Low
• Priest: Medium all specs
• Rogue: Low
• Shaman: High Enhance, Med Ele, Med Resto
• Warlock: Medium
• Warrior: Low

How to Reach Us
Feel free to contact our officers in game or discord.

Rochin (Guild Master), Atomicdoom (raid leader),
Laurencex, Azshaara, Tweedledumz (Officers)