[A] <Legacy> (Classic Era) - WANTED - Patchwerk - Dead or Bust

As the fiery forge of Ironforge roared in the distance, a ragged wanted poster caught your eye, slapped haphazardly on the inn’s wooden wall. “WANTED - Patchwerk - Dead or Bust” it reads. The crude sketch of a nightmarish abomination stared back at you, its grotesque features almost comical in their grotesquery. Beneath it, a call to action from the renowned Legacy guild promised a chance to make history.

Hear me, brave soul,

Within these ancient halls of Ironforge, I, Jarl, beseech you on behalf of the raiding guild known as Legacy. Our quest unfolds tonight, and it hinges on one simple directive: the abomination known as Patchwerk must meet his end. It’s quite the paradox, for some might argue he’s been “dead” for a while now.

But this is your chance, my friend, to be a part of something truly monumental. The clock is ticking, and the pages of history await your name. As you savor the taste of Dwarven Honeymead and sate your appetite with Dwarven Mild cheese (the best in Azeroth if I do say), you’ll also satiate your thirst for fame and glory.

Our call to arms beckons you to Grobbulus RP-PvP Server in the Classic Era, a world apart, demanding a transfer with a small fee. Yet let me assure you, the cost is a mere trifle when weighed against the immortality and mead that awaits you. This is the night of destiny, an opportunity to march with Legacy as we breach the hallowed citadel of Naxxramas.

The sands of time slip away, and still, there is room for you in our noble cause. Tonight, on the 30th of October, at 7pm pacific, prepare yourself and rally with us into the abyss. By 10pm pacific, our triumphant raid will conclude, and the legend we script tonight shall resound through the ages.

Beware, for our merry band assembles every Monday and Friday, venturing into the depths of Naxxramas, Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and Ahn’Qiraj. But know this, dear adventurer, spaces within our ranks are fast diminishing, and the urgency to seize this moment is palpable. Heroes from all reaches of Azeroth have already answered the call to arms, do not miss out my bright eyed hero to be.

Carve your name into the annals of Azeroth’s history. Join us, and together, we shall vanquish Patchwerk and etch your name among the heroes of Legacy.

With unyielding Light,

Jarl, Priest of Legacy

Discord invite token to claim your spot: discord.gg/6HbG9Fm3d2