(A) League of Super Friends looking for all classes for Mythic Progression

League of Super Friends would like to welcome some new players into our ranks. We are looking for players that are easy going, dedicated, and talented; people that are ready to have fun with some serious Raid progression (but not so serious, we do all have lives outside of WoW). We are a small tight knit group of friends whom have been playing this game since Vanilla. There are about 12 of us currently dedicated to raiding, we consist of late 20 Y.O. and early 30 Y.O. peeps. You must be friendly, respectful and willing to raid 2 nights a week. Our officers are usually on every night and we are willing to help you in most aspects of the game. We want people that enjoy the game as much as we do. You only need to be friendly, dedicated and good at playing your Main to be at home with us.

Schedule : Tuesday & Wednesday 8pm-10:30pm PST

Our plans : League of Super Friends plans on completing Heroic Eternal Palace as a guild only venture. If we happen to recruit enough people to make Mythic EP a desired path, then we will continue our progression on that journey.

Our Accolades :

Uldir – 8/8 Heroic, 2/8 Mythic & “Ahead of the Curve”

Battle of Dazar’alor – 9/9 Heroic, 1/9 Mythic & “Ahead of the Curve”

The Eternal Palace – 8/8 Heroic

Currently Recruiting : All classes and specs.

Please message ScottSummers #11428, Noldorin#11946, Irian#1973 in-game if interested!