[A] Khaz'goroth/Dath'Remar 9/9 H BoD|2/2 H CoS Guild <Switch> Recruiting


|Switch| Khaz’goroth/Dath’Remar is currently recruiting raiders for mythic progression, as well as preparation for the upcoming Rise of Azshara raid.

We are the 24th ranked guild on our realm, having attained both 9/9 H BoD and 2/2 H CoS. With the release of Crucible of Storms, we were ranked 3rd on Guild Progress after our first raid night of progression.

Our guild is a mixture of people, some studying at university, others serving in the armed forces, many with children, partners and families. Some of which even raid together! (You know what they say, couples who raid together, stay together). Regardless, everyone loves a bit of banter, and there is a constant stream of memes and clips of people messing up on the guild discord. In addition to this, many of the members have twitch streams and/or youtube channels, so if that is something you are interested in doing there are plenty of knowledgeable people about.

We have a pretty chill atmosphere, with banter leading all the way up to the pull timer (and quite often throughout), although if I’m being honest the quality of banter could be raised slightly so if you think you can help me out let me know! That being said we do buckle down to get #%$& done when we have to focus (quality banter doesn’t make those mythic bosses any easier unfortunately, blizz why)

Our raid nights are Wednesday/Sunday 8pm-11pm Server Time, with an additional Friday 8pm-11pm Server Time night for achievement runs, alt runs etc.

Attendance is expected to be at least 80% for main raid nights, although we understand life does get in the way, and people have varying commitments so it is perfectly acceptable to be late every now and then, take a holiday etc. etc. We once considered implementing a gold debt for every minute you were late to raid (as a joke), but one of our members in particular is so often tardy we didn’t want to bankrupt the poor guy.

In addition to these we also run mythic + regularly, with a large portion of our guild with mains and alts at above 1000 IO, and a number of people who exclusively push keys. So whether you just like to get your 10 done for the week, love pushing keys regularly or don’t want to touch them, you’ll fit right in.

Flasks, feasts, enchants, potions, runes etc. are all provided, although on progression nights we often delay the use of these while we learn the fights.

At least one character at 395 Item Level for Heroic Clears
At least one character at 400 Item Level for Mythic Progression
(Neither of the above are a requirement for joining the guild, only if you wish to raid)
A respectful attitude
Most Importantly: Good Banter? The rest of my guildies just aren’t as funny as me unfortunately, bad RNG what can you do.
Also we have a number of DPS meter hogs, so if you like a challenge feel free to join and compete for the top spot (It’s getting a little lonely up here for me). If you’re a balance druid I’ll toss in an exclusive guild pet if you can beat me (expected value less than 20g, will definitely be bought of the AH).

So if you like what you see (and you definitely do), hit me up on Battle net; Arctic #6761